Jan 232016

Bronze & Sterling Jewelry Set

One of my favorite things when I am making jewelry is to play with new metals. Along with working with one of my favorite metals – sterling. These are bronze and sterling and I am loving the combination. As far as color goes, bronze seems to be in between copper and brass to me. It is super strong and it seems to resist tarnishing more than copper and brass.

The bronze also has a higher melting point so it allows me to fuse the sterling right onto the bronze. That opens up a ton of cool possibilities!

I will be adding stones, of course. And I am still wanting to incorporate leather or faux leather (kinder for the animals and stronger too!) The cord on this necklace is a faux leather. I like it because you can get it wet and it doesn’t disintegrate like leather does. I love to hear your comments!


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  1. It looks lovely. I like the bronze and sterling combination.

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